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Gossip from inside my head

Playing Twister with words

princess mark
16 February
I adore:
Really messing with peoples heads. It's fun.
Gender fuckups.
Touch and physical contact. I'm an touch addict.
Plans for world domination.
Sharing beds and snuggling up with people.
Prettiness and beauty.
Skipping along the whole length of a street, hand in hand with a friend.
Dancing and dancing and dancing all night until I drop.
Being treated like a Princess.
The first glint of a sunrise on a clear morning after staying up all night.
Life-changing adventures.
Intelligent people.
Popping bubble wrap slowly, one bubble at a time.
Deep dark mysteries.
The feel of snow going crump crump crump underfoot as I walk on it.
Lovers and compilicated love-tangles.
Chocolate! :)

I hate:
People. Especially stupid, bigoted or closed-minded people.
Stereotypes. They don't make any sense at all.
Myself falling all too easily in love with lovers.
Vegetables. Potatoes are not counted as vegetables because they are too nice.
Emotional Vampires. I just haven't got the time, OK?
Mosquitos. Especially siberian ones.
Panic attacks.
Txt speak. What's wrong with english?
The colour yellow.
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